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We are pleased to welcome Dr. Ireland to our team!


Carran, Receptionist & Treatment Coordinator

Carran will greet you with a smile! She is dedicated to patient care and has adopted the concept of affordable dentistry. Carran aims to make all treatment affordable to each patient and will work diligently to see that your needs are met.

Brandy, Receptionist & Scheduling Coordinator

Brandy is enthusiastic to fulfill the details of each patient's needs. You can rely on her skills to complete schedule reservations and coordinate specialty request during treatment visits. 

Renea, Registered Dental Assistant

Renea works closely with Melissa to provide gentle care during restorative dental treatment and assists with cases throughout the office. She pays great attention to detail and favors her time and personal touch with each individual. Renea has your best interest at heart.

Melissa, Registered Dental Hygienist

Melissa is our primary restorative hygienist. Her expertise in composite filling placement is equaled by her gentle touch and she is personable and attentive to all patients.


Dr. Craig B. Simmons, D.D.S.

Dr. Craig Simmons graduated from Marquette University School of Dentistry and went on to serve in the United States Navy as a dentist for three years. During that time he also earned a certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. Dr. Simmons has now been in private practice for more than eight years and is comitted to his practice in holistic dentistry. As a member of the Holistic Dental Association and a Board Certified Biological Dentist with the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine, Dr. Simmons continues to attend continuing educational classes, ensuring that his patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced dental care. You will appreciate his skill in metal-free crown and bridge work, composite-resin filling placement, and oral surgery techniques, including osseous surgery. He and his wife Nicole have four boys and enjoy many outdoor sports and family vacations. 

Dr. Barbara Ireland, D.D.S.

Dr. Barabara Ireland graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry. She spent her first eight years treating the underserved population of the Yakima Valley and Central Washington. Since then Dr. Ireland has been in private practice honing her operative, prosthetic, pediatric and oral surgery skills. Her patients and co-workers will tell you they love her empathetic and caring spirit and her attention to detail. In the most recent years, Dr. Ireland has become recognized for her holistic approach to dental care. The Holistic Dental Center is so fortunate to bring on another holistc-minded dentist to our team. Dr. Ireland will strive to strengthen the team with her skills and experience. When Dr. Ireland is away from the office she enjoys singing, running, and hikes with her husband and two young children.


What our patient's have to say...

"Dr. Craig Simmons, D.D.S, of Spokane, WA operates the finest holistic dental center in the Inland Northwest, his staff is very professional, caring, compassionate, and a pleasure to deal with. Dr. Craig Simmons is a most incredible man with heart, and joy he brings to his work."


"When I called the Holistic Dental Center, I was frustrated and in pain and uncertain about whether my tooth could be saved. From the moment they answered my call and scheduled me in for an appointment that day, I thought I might be in good hands. And, indeed I was! During my actual appointment, Nikki and Dr. Simmons truly heard my concerns, valued my hope to keep the tooth, helped me realistically assess the options, and provided excellent dental care...on the spot! They even followed up with calls to check on my tooth's progress. I have so appreciated their emotional and technical support, their comprehensive expertise, their attentivness, their humor, and their kindness! Words cannot express how wonderful my experience has been because of their care!"

-Meri Lee

"Will you please tell everyone that helped me when I was so ill from my tooth a couple weeks ago, THANK YOU! I am very grateful for your support, your accessibility, and kindness and compassion that you always show me, as well as your technical skill! I count you all as one of the greatest blessings in my life.


"My experiences at the Holistic Dental Center have been the best in my 55 years. Dr. Craig Simmons is a great dentist. All of the support staff are professional, skilled and caring. Having my mercury fillings and root canals removed is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made to improve my health and well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend the Holistic Dental Center."


"Today I was treated / cared for by Ashley and Heather. My life has been enriched by their skill and beautiful sweet personality, and the personal and professional care. Thank you!"


"Everyone took my concerns seriously and every effort was made to accommodate my getting in promptly. I am very impressed with Dr. Simmons confidence and ability. I have never been to a better dentist. The staff all are compassionate and caring. Thank you for making my experience a great one!"


"Thank you so much for taking the time to really listen & care for your patients. I have felt truly valued by you every time I have come into your office. You have my utmost respect and my ongoing recommendation...you guys are just the best dental care office ever. Dr. Simmons certainly tells the best jokes! I love going to the dentist now."

- Sherilyn

"Amalgam fillings were put in my teeth when I was a child. 25 plus years later I began developing migraine headaches and Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I read about the damage that can be done by amalgam fillings and asked my traditional dentist in 2004 about replacing them. I was told the process causes more harm than good and continued to experience diminishing health. In 2006, my amalgam fillings were replaced with composite. When the filling in my upper right molar was removed, the chronic stabbing pain through my right eye immediately went away and the chronic tension at the base of my head dissipated! I was amazed! My chronic fatigue and weakness back then made it impossible to work full time or enjoy life. In the years since having the amalgam fillings replaced, I have less pain, more energy and am able to work full time and enjoy life more!"


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