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1. Practice conscientious oral hygiene. Don't let bacteria erode the foundations of your new flipper and the supporting teeth. Ensure their health by following your dentists instructions on daily flossing, brushing and cleaning.

2. Certain foods can stain without regular cleaning (e. g., tea, coffee, cola drinks, berries, and red wine). Remember, smoking can yellow your teeth and flipper as well. Clean with ultrasonic cleaner (instructions are provided with the unit) and Efferdent or Polident. For resistant stains, soak your flipper in a diluted vinegar/ water solution for two hours once a month. Use 1 part vinegar to 2 parts water. Follow directions carefully as overuse of vinegar solutions can damage your flipper.

3. Do not use bleach, colored mouthwash or similar liquids to clean your flipper. They may cause damage or discoloration.

4. Do not wear your flipper overnight.

5. Always store your flipper in fresh, clean water at night. It must be kept hydrated.

6. Arrange and stick to a regular check-up schedule. Your dentist is the best person to assess the fit of your flipper and the health of your gums.



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