Answering the Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Sealants in Spokane, WA

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Cavities are the number one enemies of teeth. These bad guys can create significant problems in a person’s oral health. A tiny decay in the tooth can progress into a tooth infection. It can even cause oral malodor! So to prevent these complications from taking place, protection should be sought beforehand. The Holistic Dental Center is proud to offer dental sealants to our young and adult patients. This preventive care service may not sound new to your ears anymore as it has been present for many years now. But to those who want to know dental sealants further, we answered some of the questions regarding the said service below.


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Common Questions About Dental Sealants

What are dental sealants?

For people who have a higher risk of tooth decay, the American Dental Association recommends dental sealants. According to the ADA, these protective coatings can protect the teeth from harmful cavities by up to 80%. Sealants coat the chewing surfaces of the teeth, thereby preventing debris from food to settle in.

Can sealants be applied on all teeth?

Dental sealants can protect any type of tooth in a person’s mouth. However, dental professionals commonly suggest sealants for a patient’s back teeth. Adult molars have unique shapes; they are composed of deep fissures which can home food particles. Everyone knows how bacterias get their nourishment through the leftover foods in the mouth, so protecting the grooves of the chewing surfaces with sealants is a must.

Are dental sealants for everyone?

Children, teens, and adults who are prone to cavities can get dental sealants. Nevertheless, sealants are most recommended to kids as they do not yet have the full ability to practice excellent oral hygiene on a daily basis.

What is the lifespan of dental sealants?

Patients can take advantage of dental sealants for up to ten years. But they must not forget that the teeth coatings are not a permanent solution; they can wear down over time. To achieve maximum longevity, patients are advised to obey the dentist’s instructions carefully about the aftercare of dental sealants. They should also see the dental professional every six months for checkups to have their sealants checked or reapplied.

What to expect during the application of sealants?

The way sealants are applied to the teeth is quick and easy. Patients will not bear painful and long dental appointments because the dentist can complete the whole procedure in just a few minutes. Dental sealants are usually introduced to patients during their routine dental cleanings. When the teeth that need the treatment are cleaned, the dental professional will then brush a slightly abrasive gel-like substance to the pearly whites, rinse, dry, apply the sealant, and let it harden—that’s it!

We hope that we answered all your queries concerning dental sealants well. If there’s anything that we can help with, do not hesitate to give us a call.

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