How 3D Cone Beam Imaging Changed Oral Care

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Thanks to various technological advancements, life has become easier for everyone. Communication, transportation, learning, health care, and more is no longer much of a hassle, unlike in the past. In dentistry, there is an innovative technology that allows the dentist to evaluate, diagnose, and treat oral health complications like never before. It is thanks to the 3D Cone Beam Imaging!

digital x-ray

What is 3D Cone Beam Imaging?

It is a type of x-ray scanning technology that makes it possible and easy for dentists to see the teeth, soft tissues, and even the nerve pathways of a particular patient. And as its name implies, a three-dimensional image of the oral cavity can be created for a detailed view of the image at any angle.

What are the common uses of digital imaging technology?

The cone beam imaging is fitting to use for orthodontic treatment. And it is also extremely ideal during the planning of complex cases like the surgical extraction of an impacted tooth and for oral reconstruction. The 3D Cone Beam Imaging also serves as a diagnostic tool for jaw tumors, TMJ disorders, and oral pain. Dentists can even use the device to place dental implants accurately. The other things it can accomplish are letting the dentist assess a patient’s nasal cavity, tooth orientation, bone structure, sinuses, jaw, and even the nerve canals.

How does the said technology help patients?

With the help of the 3D Cone Beam Imaging, dentists can accurately see the structures in the oral cavity, spot underlying complications, and formulate custom-made treatment plans per patient. Some of the issues that can be diagnosed include TMJ disorders, fractures, and extra canals that are difficult to spot using the normal scan. With it, patients can expect that dentists will have improved accuracy and level of detail for an x-ray scan.

What are its benefits?

  • Patients can expect that CT Scanning is noninvasive, accurate, and painless.
  • The focused x-ray beam reduces the scattering of radiation; therefore, a better image quality.
  • Dentists can see bone and soft tissues at the same time.
  • Patients can expect that no radiation will remain in their body after the examination.
  • With a single scan, a wide array of views and angles can be controlled for a complete assessment.
  • More information can be provided compared to the traditional approach, so a more accurate treatment plan can be formulated.

At The Holistic Dental Center, we utilize Gendex: 3D Cone Beam Imaging for both our practitioners and patients to have a better understanding of the diagnosis as well as the best course of action to take. As a result, threats that can put oral health at risk can be detected and taken care of.

Everyone deserves outstanding dental care services, that is why we provide a groundbreaking technology which is the Gendex: 3D Cone Beam Imaging in Spokane, WA. Book your appointment with us at The Holistic Dental Center and let us help you achieve an excellent overall oral health!