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Active members of: Holistic Dental Association, International Academy of Biological Dentistry, Board Certified Biological Dentist
  • Award Winning Dentistry Staff

    Practical & Holistic Approach for Your Dental Needs

    The Holistic Dental Center encourages the use of non-toxic restoration materials for dental work, and focuses on the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and hidden dental infections can have on your overall health. Our team recognizes the close connection between dental health and the individual's nutrition, immune system, and the nervous system.

  • Award Winning Dentistry Staff

    Friendly and Compassionate Staff

    Our staff greets patients with a smile. We treat patients like family and take the time to know them. Everyone here at The Holistic Dental Center, wants your visits to be as gentle and efficient as possible. The Holistic Dental Center strives to provide excellent service, a friendly well-trained team and the latest technology in holistic dentistry.

  • Award Winning Dentistry Staff

    Best Holistic Dentist in the Area

    Total wellbeing is a priority for our dentistry in Spokane, WA. We focus on services that offer you optimal health by using biocompatible materials that work well with the chemistry in your body and minimally invasive procedures that do not harm the natural flow of your body’s healing process. Our goal is to optimize oral as well as total body health. Attention to prevention of oral disease is foremost. Make the choice for your health! Read more about our services.

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The Holistic Dental Center  Difference

Our practice is committed to helping our community
to have healthy, comfortable and younger smiles.

Safety, Comfort and Education!

We want each patient to know how valued he or she is, which is why our practice has established safety, comfort and education as our main priorities.

Our entire staff will provide a great experience using the highest standards of professionalism, modern facilities, techniques and equipment.

Experience Matters

Our professional team at The Holistic Dental Center includes highly skilled doctors in all aspects of dentistry.

  • All of our dental assistants have received advanced training and are registered Dental Assistants, certified by the Washington State Dental Association.
  • Each member of our staff is dedicated to your comfort, health and well being.
Mutual Trust and Open Communication

The team at our dental office strives to make visiting our office a pleasant and educational experience.

All of our doctors and staff work as a tightly coordinated team to ensure the highest level of care for all our patients.

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We use the most effective systems for holistic dentistry

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