Low-Level Laser Therapy in Spokane, Washington

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Low level lasers have been used around the world for nearly four decades in both industry and health.

In many countries other than the United States, therapeutic low level lasers of various wavelengths have proven beneficial for all types of animals, including humans. Based on over two thousand studies around the world, today we can safely say that low level lasers have an important positive biological effect in over 90% of the studies. In other words, light at this level is not only beneficial but very safe.

Any trauma or surgery can disrupt the energy flow to the cells at the atom level. The Q10 Laser reenergizes those cells by delivering electrolites back to the cells, promoting fast, self-sustaining healing.

We offer the use of a Q10 low level laser, primarily following restorative dental work and surgical procedures. This is to encourage and support the miracle of healing. Patients may present in our office for follow-up laser treatments, which only take about 3 minutes per site. There is no charge for this service and many patients are thrilled to have access to the great healing benefits of the Q10 laser. We look forward to sharing the benefits of this great medical device with you!

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Relaxing Music

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