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The following is a list of our ozone therapy services rendered:

  • All teeth treated with ozone gas at a therapeutic dose
  • All decay is treated with ozonated gas prior to the final restoration
  • Periodontal pockets will be treated with therapeutic ozone water/gas as part of the traditional periodontal cleaning and maintenance
  • All crown & bridge preps will be treated with ozone gas to kill bacteria
  • All sensitive teeth will be treated with ozone gas
  • Extraction sites will be treated with ozonated water and/or gas

The Holistic Dental Center provides ozone therapy during dental procedures to minimize post operative sensitivities and improve the success of dental restorations.

Many post operative symptoms are now being treated with ozone therapy, decreasing additional expenses to the patient and long term trauma to the teeth. The therapy is a quick and painless procedure done in-office and often combined with treatment already being provided. You may also request a separate appointment with Dr. Simmons to address area's of concern that may benefit from ozone therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ozone (O3) is an allotrope of oxygen (O2). An allotrope is a variant of a substance consisting of only one type of atom. Ozone is created by an energetic reaction that results in an oxygen molecule (O2) being split into singlet (O1) oxygen. A singlet oxygen then combines with a diatomic oxygen (O2) forming ozone (O3). This energetic process is a result of energy produced by; sunlight, lightening, ultraviolet light and corona discharge tubes. The Holistic Dental Center utilizes a corona discharge generator to produce ozone (O3) in two forms, gas and water.

The Holistic Dental Center is able to apply ozone gas and water to the oral cavity and dentition to reduce sensitivity and minimize bacteria. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites have little or no antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes. Without this protection ozone oxidizes the cell membrane causing it to rupture and deplete. Healthy cells have antioxidant enzymes such as; superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidasse, etc. There are also antioxidants such as; vitamin C, vitamin E, etc present in the extracellular matrix fluids, plasma, etc. These antioxidants protect the healthy cells from being oxidized by ozone. Ozone (O3) is negatively charged and seeks to neutralize anything with a positive charge. Typically bacteria and viruses carry positively charged cells, ozone will attach to theses cell membranes and destroy the cell. At any given time the oral cavity contains up to 20 billion oral microbes. With up to 500 species of bacteria competing for a prime environment for growth and multiplication, it is vital to the long term prognosis of dental health that we minimize as much bacteria as possible. Ozone is the ideal accomplice in conjunction with superior oral care to improve the success of eliminating dental caries (cavities).

  • Periodontal Disease
    Ozone gas and water is used to treat the periodontal pockets surrounding each tooth. These pockets are natural and require bacterial disruption to maintain and support healthy tissue necessary for retaining the teeth for a long life.
  • Decay Removal and Restoration
    Once the decayed tooth structure is removed through conventional dentistry techniques, ozone gas is applied to the cavity preparation, the ozone will then penetrate the dentin tubules killing bacteria left in the smear layer and surrounding tissues. A dental restoration can now be placed with a higher success rate without adverse post operative acuteness.
  • Tooth Extraction
    Teeth requiring removal from the oral cavity are suffering from one form or another of a dental disease. Many of the surrounding structures and tissues are negatively affected by the disease process and tooth removal. It is important to treat the entirety of the condition to adequately heal. Ozone water delivered to the extraction site supports the body's natural ability to heal the void and return to normal function.
  • Sensitivity
    This simplex symptom plaguing the majority of our population is often treated with fluoridated pastes and mouth rinses. A better understanding of the condition may lead to a quick fix. Exposed dentin is painful when experiencing fluctuation felt by air, water and thermal changes. Inevitably the exposed dentin is now susceptible to the 20 billion microbes roaming the oral cavity, the bacteria present will penetrate the tubules causing a inflammatory response. When ozone gas is slowly filtrated over the area the bacteria will deplete and re-mineralization will take affect to repair and protect the once exposed dentin tubules. Often relief is noticed with minutes of treatment.

Ozone Safety

Ozone does not have any contraindications with other medications, therefore cross-reactions are not a concern during treatment. You cannot be allergic to ozone because it is an enriched form of oxygen with no additives or chemical processing. It is important to have well trained technicians who can monitor the corona discharge generator and user application during ozone fabrication. The Holistic Dental Center has trained all clinicians to use and administer this treatment in safe operation and with quality control.

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